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Introducing Camilleri Appointments

Camilleri Appointments provides Interim, Permanent and Advisory solutions, recruiting top talent from middle management up to executive level. Our approach is highly consultative, and we do not separate clients and candidates in this fast moving and dynamic industry.

We believe whether you are hiring, or looking for your next challenging appointment, you should receive the same level of customer experience and integrity. Our role is to support you, guide you and provide you with the best advice.

Karen Camilleri is a highly regarded Executive Recruiter, having successfully delivered results for clients and candidates over 20 years in both the public and private sectors. Karen has been appointed by voting members of the IIM as one of the leading recruiters in the UK executive space 4 times; in 2013, 2016, 2017 and most recently in July 2019.




For our clients, we provide advice and guidance at every stage of the recruitment process, from requirements gathering through to onboarding. We are true and authentic in our approach and take our role as trusted advisor very seriously, appreciating that we are an extension of your organisation, promoting and advocating your Human Resources, Customer Experience and Brand.

Supporting your candidates at every stage of the recruitment process, acknowledges the extensive investment a candidate makes in a process, ensuring that even those who are unsuccessful walk away feeling positive about your organisation and take away some constructive learning each time.

We encourage our clients to be creative and lateral in their thinking and to prioritise talent and experience over sector knowledge, embracing diversity every step of the way. Why? Because out of sector candidates provide clients with a fresh perspective, challenge and innovative thinking.

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For our candidates, we provide an accessible and personalised recruitment experience. We are contactable at every step of the way from initial registration and introductory call and then throughout the assignment lifecycle, regardless of duration or complexity.

Recruitment processes are by nature affected by various external and internal factors and keeping candidates supported and appraised helps to maintain interest and motivation. We can support candidates who are facing a crossroads in their careers and are unsure of their next step through to those who are very certain of their next move.

We enjoy challenging and testing our candidates thinking about their career options to ensure they are fully prepared whatever their stage. As part of our candidate care we can link our candidates to a wide variety of experienced coaches.

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